Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"The Rocker" ROCKS!

I'll admit...I really didn't put a whole lot of stock into expecting much from this movie. However, as a last "Harrah!" in California, a friend and I went and saw it tonight.


Seriously...we thought it would start strong and then go downhill from there...or that all the funny parts were already shown in the trailers. Oh started strong and like a steroid-pumped Russian body builder...just kept going to the final credits. The music was fantastic. The acting was great. The storyline was good. The humor and dialog were brilliant!

Oh and if that isn't enough to convince you...for those of you who remember a short-lived, but genius series called "Love Monkey" with Tom Cavanagh (also famous for his roles as JD's older brother in Scrubs, and Ed from Ed)...the lead singer of the band in "The Rocker", is played by Teddy Geiger, the same kid who played Wayne.

Wayne was good. "Curtis" (the character) is better. Teddy Geiger is awesome.

If you go to see this movie and you don't like it...I will fight you.

Go see "The Rocker" right now. Stop reading this. Go now. Seriously. You'll thank me. And I will say, "You are welcome. I told you so."

Why are you still here?



Monday, August 18, 2008

Homeward Bound

Many of you slightly older than Generation Y, yes, you who are fondly referred to as Generation X, probably remember this classic feel-good flick: Homeward BoundFewer of you will probably remember, (or care to admit that you actually saw it), that there was a sequel made: Homeward Bound 2: Lost in San FranciscoAlso known as, "Our pets are stupid...but as owners, we take the cake."
All this waxing nostalgia, coalesces with the excitement and down-right giddiness that I feel as I make the following announcement:
I'm coming home!

That's right...this is not a drill...this is not a visit. I am moving back to Utah and I couldn't be more thrilled. (I don't know how Governor Huntsman feels about it all, but I am sure he is happy to have another registered voter, even during his pandering to the elementary school crowd)Another huge aspect of my Limbo-esque state that I wrote of last week, was due in part to my waiting to hear on a job I had interviewed for with a company in Provo. It is the same company that my brother works for, but I won't be making ladders.No, my difficult assignment will be to travel the world visiting oil rigs and making sure their computer networks and communications are copacetic. Now some people might question why I would ever want to get out of the Network Marketing world.Or trade living in Orange County California for the glorious city of Provo. However, Utah, is my home. That is where my family is, (other than a small off-shoot who are making their way in Spokane, WA).
I am excited to be coming home. I am moving up over Labor day weekend...and as soon as I am settled in, there will be movie nights...oh yes Mark, there WILL be movie nights.

Monday, August 11, 2008



Oops...Don't Pull That

That's right! You get a two-for-one special today! Aren't you just the luckiest web-browser around? Go ahead...give yourself a pat on the back. I'll wait.

Ancient mariners were masters of the sea. Navigation was accomplished through the use of stars, sun, sails and of course, wind. However, there were times that these masters of the deep found themselves trapped at the mercy of the dull-drums. When the winds ceased to blow, ships often were stranded in one location for (often) days at a time. There was nothing that the captain or his worthy crew could do, but wait until the Fates of the Ocean smiled down upon them and sent their blowing strength to the rescue.
So I find myself, in a similar state of limbo. I sway back and forth on the balls and heels of my feet awaiting changes to come my way. Juggling through the air, these are just a few of the limbo-esque aspects of my life:
1 - Medical: It will be at least another week before I hear any results from my surgical biopsy from last week. So here I sit, staring at my newly acquired scars, wondering if it was all worth it.
2 - Work: Currently our company has decided to launch a new campaign, (new campaign...right?) It is to pre-launch tomorrow. However, the details are still forth coming. Every day, I field questions from leaders wondering what is going to happen and I have nothing but a shrug of the shoulders and my winning smile to offer.
3 - Seminary: Our training began today. So once again I am getting up at 5:30 in the morning and chasing the fleeting knowledge that only cements itself in those who keep themselves worthy of the Spirit. However, our class assignments have not been determined. Which knowledge-hungry grade will I have to influence this year?

So in the dull-drums I sit. I sit, listening to one hand clapping the silent applause of a standing ovation to an orchestra of mimes.

Part 2

Warning...the following paragraph is slightly graphic in nature. If you have a weak stomach, I recommend that you stop reading.

Having said you know I had surgery last week? Well, they put this glue over the incisions and stitches to keep them from infection and whatnot. I was warned that after a couple of days, this glue would start to fall off. Perfectly normal.
Sure enough, the glue started to fall off.
Yesterday, I was looking at the incision on my arm and saw, (what I thought was) a piece of the glue. I couldn't grab it with my fingers, so I grabbed some tweezers, took hold and yanked.
Out comes one of my stitches. Oops.
But as I am looking at the cut. I realize...I can see all the way to my bone! That is SO COOL! So I moved the skin around a bit, and could see different parts of my bone. This was the coolest thing I had seen in at least an hour.
It was then I realized that most people, at this point of seeing their innards, would probably pass out. However, I just cleaned it up, grabbed some butterfly bandages and went to town fixing it up. I am keeping a close eye on it for discoloration.

Moral of the story...don't pull that! It might come undone.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Chop! Chop!

Ok, so it was more of a snip, snip...but I literally just came out of a the drug induced sleep and take no responsibility for whatever I end up typing here.
The surgery went well. At least as far as I know at this point. I have two gnarly scars that are going to be some serious "Show Off" material. (Apparently "gnarly" is not in the dictionary as my computer is telling me that it is spelled wrong. But as I responsibility right now.)
The doctor went in and took out a piece of my arm and part of my thigh for examination. The results probably won't be in for a week or two...but at least this part of it is over.
I really want to thank all of you for your thoughts, well-wishes, and especially your prayers. I know that they were all answered. (Unless any of you prayed for a pony...then I have no idea if it was answered or not.)
I have to say...waking up from a drug-induced haze is kind of an invigorating feeling. Most of the nurses and my friend who picked me up from the hospital are all questioning why I am so perky. I have no idea.
So when I first came to on the recovery room bed, I looked down next to my thigh and saw a brown stain. I thought to myself, "OH CRAP! Did I poop myself during the operation??" Then I realized it was just dried blood.
Like I responsibility for my writing right now.
Anyway...enjoy this post while it is still up. I may read it later and decide to take it down. In the meantime, I have a serious hankering for some turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy. When is Thanksgiving again?
Maybe I can find a restaurant.

In what may be my only lucid moment of this post: I really do want to thank all of you for your prayers. Faith and our Heavenly Father will always have more impact on our lives than anything man can create. So thank you.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Umm...yeah. I am not very good at this. But I am going in for surgery on Monday morning. It isn't a big deal...very simple procedure. They are just going to chunk out a piece of my leg and arm. No sweat.
But if you happen to be praying between now and then and bring up my name, or that things will go well...or more importantly, mention the doctors and medical staff who will be in the same room as me in that prayer, it would be very appreciated.

Thank you.