Monday, June 25, 2007

I want to be a "Cabooster"!

If you drive about 6 miles north of my house, you will come across Angel Stadium where the Anaheim Angels Baseball team play their home games. You can't miss it as it is very large and has a behemoth of an "A" out front. If you are willing to drive just three minutes further down the 57, and willing to pay 1/10th the price, you can go to an Orange County Flyers' Game. The Flyers are a minor league baseball team who's logo is that of a train, and their Booster club is named...ready for this? The Caboosters!

We had the opportunity to go to one of their games last night, (Saturday). I invited my buddy Damian along from work because, next to my brother-in-law who lives too far away, he knows more about baseball than anyone else I know. We had a great time. The Flyers won their game, (though in the final inning there was an impressive rally made by the Yuma team...but their gumption was just shy of the needed dosage.) It was during the game that I remembered the last time I went to a minor league game, about a year ago with the Orem Owls. Most of my family was there, and even though none of us (save my brother-in-law), have ever really been big fans of the game, we all had a great time. Here at the Flyers' game, I could see a lot of families having similar memory-building experiences. The Average Joe can't take his entire family to a major league game on a regular basis, so the minor leagues are where you see more family-oriented activities. They had games for the kids, lots of fun, clean music, and overall, it was a good environment.

Basically what it comes down to is this: Find your local minor league baseball team, shell out the $5 per ticket and go enjoy some good clean fun. You don't have to like baseball to enjoy it. But if you go with friends and loved will have a good time. And you will support your local minor league athletes who are playing the game for the purest reason of all...they love it.

Go Flyers-

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Return of the "Holy Crap That's A Good Burger!!"

This last weekend I was on yet another work-related road trip. These are always wonderful experiences as we get a chance to try new places to eat along the way. However, this trip, we happened to be passing through North LA, so we decided on a reunion tour of "The Counter". In my very first blog ever, I wrote about the burger that I had there. Well, the second time was just as good. As you can see by the is ambrosia between an English Muffin. And I know my wise sister and brother-in-law told me last time, but I couldn't help it, "Just because you can put all of those ingredients together, doesn't mean that you should." I still put the cranberries on. If you are ever out visiting LA, and are near the Temple, be sure to check out The Counter.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Happy Blogging to All And To All A Good Day!

So my friend Mighty Bob (her Native Ki'Che name is alPop) is down in Guatemala doing a research project. She has started a blog detailing her trip and the adventures of dysentery and cultural exchange. I have added her blog to my links. I really hope you take a chance to read up on her trip. Very entertaining and educational.

Take care of yourself Mighty Bob!