Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Life Is Hard

Phone call:

*Ring Ring*

Zach: Hello?

Work Coordinator: Zach? We need you to go to Scotland this week.

Zach: Oh...ok.

Work Coordinator: You leave Saturday. I'll e-mail you the ticket.

Zach: Ok, thanks.

Aye, laddy! I am off to bonnie Scotland! Again!

Oh and we had the Lifferth Family Christmas Party last night. Aunt Paula and Uncle Karl did a fantastic job of setting it up. Thanks to them! Uncle Bob, my Brother, and several of my Cousins and Aunts put on a very beautiful program about the Savior's birth. And as always, it really was a wonderful time to be able to visit with family. I have the greatest family (immediate and extended) that anyone could ever be blessed with.

Bon Voyage!