Sunday, September 30, 2007

Position and Perspective

The game of Chess dates back so many centuries that no one is certain of its origin. For many years it was rumored to have come out of the great Northern countries of Prussia and other Slavic based cultures. Then it was found that Marco Polo had brought this game of Royalty back with him from the nether reaches of the Chinese Empire. Their credit to its creation was wiped away with exculpatory finiteness when new evidence was procured from the tomes of India's history. Still further, one bohemian string of thought is that this ancient game had its place with Ra and the Egyptian oligarchy. I suppose that whatever the farrago details of its origin may be, the elements of this game of mental prowess have transcended the history of man and still resonate in our cultures today.
The thing about chess is that despite all the strategy and skill and learned moves of opening and attacking, there remains but one key factor to any victor in this game, that factor is Position. As with the history of where this game was birthed, so also are the varied theories as to why and how the pieces that are used came to be. It is now accepted and seems that it always has been, that the two prominent characters on either side remain to be Royalty. A king and a queen, one the target of attack, the other given the utmost power to be used. Most novice players feel that the Queen is the most important piece on the board. However, the question haunts through the air, "Which piece is it that is actually being protected?" The queen is merely a player in the protection of the King.

A look at the layout of the board shows us that the front line is packed with disposable pawns. These pioneers into the battlefield, take upon the responsibility to seek out the enemy, engage when appropriate, and infiltrate the opposing camp. The military then takes its place in appropriate priority. Originally, the Rooks were ships of an Armada. They were the outer most defense to the King and Queen. Next closest to the Royal Family were the knights and the horseman warriors. They stood upon the shores and before the castles to protect their sovereign entities. Finally, the King and Queen, with their solid faith that they had been chosen and placed by the Hand of God, they kept near them the Priests and Cardinals that spoke and acted in the voice of the Lord. Such was their faith. Finally, the Queen, living up to the old adage that "Hell hath no fury such as a woman scorned", sacrificed and fought for the man she loved. A completely selfless act of true devotion for her husband.
Now these are just theories. Mere wandering thoughts as I traipse through another meandering jaunt of thought and evaluation. I linger on the idea of position. How is it that so many times in our lives, we find ourselves in positions that prevent us from taking the next step. Oft times this position is due to choices that we made ourselves. Once in awhile, though not as often as we would like to believe, our position is thrust upon us by outside influences. However, ultimately, we choose who it is we will become, what it is that we will do, and how it is that we will live our lives.
To my loyal quidnunces, I applaud that you continue to read through my less than laconic drama as it unfolds. You may question what in the world it is that I am trying to say right now. However, just know that many times, we find our position is not always aligned with the position of those we wish to be with. Something has to give...someone has to move.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm An Uncle...Again!

Last night my brother Gabe and his wife (well, she did most of the work), had their first son: Jordan Wesley. He was born at 8 Lbs 11 oz and 21 inches. (At least those are the numbers I remember.)
Congratulations Gabe!

My only question is...why did they make Gabe wear a hair net?