Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Zach:

Happy Valentine’s Day. I apologize for infiltrating your blog, but a girl’s got to do SOMETHING for her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, even if he is approximately 2,756 miles away. I just wanted you to know that I think you are kind of a big deal, even if you did say so yourself ☺ Thank you for making me smile. I am very lucky to have you in my life. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would venture…a poem. Brace yourself….


There once was a young art curator
Who had actually become quite a dater
But after several months of tedious dating,
Resolved for a time to give up on mating.
She cried, “Must all single men be ridiculous?”
‘Twas enough to make a saint want to cuss --
Or cry, which she did, and resolved for a break
And hold out for a man who wasn’t a flake.

Resolved to move forward, the disillusioned young lass
Felt to return to an Institute class.
She arrived the first week, embarrassingly late,
But perhaps her timing was a matter of fate!
She encountered a young man, equally tardy,
And brimming with self-assurance was fool-hardy
Enough to hit on her right after the prayer
Despite being older and having no hair ☺
Though wary of men with non-committal intention,
The girl was disarmed by his amiable wit and lack of convention
As he artfully asked for her number and scheduled dinner
For the very next night?!! This guy was a winner!
They continued to talk a bit longer that night
And the bemused girl returned home beaming, out-right.

The next evening the two went to Taco-N-Tent,
(Yep. First date.)
Which appealed to the tastes of both lady and gent ;)
As they continued to talk over Mexican food
It was clear that this guy was an interesting dude.
As the evening closed, before parting ways,
The young man confessed, “I leave in two days.”
He departed for Texas, leaving the girl to her thoughts,
Intrigued by the man, first a bit then a lot.

As he worked on the rig, many miles away
The two chatted practically every day.
And slowly the girl began to see
Many different sides to this Zachary.
He returned from Texas and both of them found
That each really liked when the other came ‘round.
They enjoyed Christmas lights, a Jazz game and movies together,
And The Forgotten Carols, where they were forced to sing “Together Forever.”
(Zach loved it.)
Soon he kissed her in the kitchen, ‘midst a mouthful of pie,
While he was on Lortab after lasering his eye.


The weeks have passed, sometimes fast, sometimes slow,
Especially when Zach is away from Provo.
But the adventures continue and memories are mounting,
As the story continues – now three months and counting…!
There’s still much left unwritten, but this poem must end.
So… Happy Valentine’s Day to an awesome boyfriend.
For such a guy there isn’t much I wouldn’t do,
Thank you again, and always, for just being… You ;)