Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What I've Done

Besides being the title to a fantastic Linkin Park Song:

"What I've Done" for the past month has been crazy nuts!

So I got home from England near the very end of January. Can I tell you how great it felt to be back on American soil, and not have the constant threat of near Arctic weather nor burly roughnecks looming overhead?

So the first thing that I did after taking a day or two to relax and unwind, was head down to California to visit a friend I care deeply about. She has recently had surgery, and I wanted to check on her and see how she was recovering.
I don't think she knows how much I care about her and want to do whatever I can for her...but I've never been very good at expressing things like that. Let's just say that she is one of my favorite people in the world, and I pray for her constantly.

(She understands this picture)

I flew back from Cali just in time for our annual Lifferth Family German Dinner! I love this gathering each year as we celebrate our heritage and the great men and women who went before us, and gave to us the blessings of the Gospel and freedoms that we enjoy. As always...it was a great time.

The day after the German dinner, a group of friends and I headed up north to Lava Hot Springs Idaho.

Who knew barely festering, active volcanos running shallow under the very ground we stood on, could be so fun?? If you've never been...make plans now! You never know when it is going to erupt and ruin all the fun.
Not having enough traveling done yet, as soon as I got back from Idaho, I started packing for the cousin trip to COZUMEL MEXICO!
I think this picture sums it up pretty well:

At the end of the first day, someone said we should just take that day and hit the "Repeat" button for the rest of the week. So we did. There will be more on this later.
And now I am home...packing once again for the annual Ruby's Inn retreat! This year's activities will include swimming, snowshoeing, sledding, shooting, softball (????) and many other activities...including Guitar Hero!

It's ok to be jealous.