Monday, September 29, 2008

My Date With Karlos

I have been set up on a lot of dates...but Saturday night's took the cake! Craig and I were talking the other day on the phone and he asked if I wanted to go to a play that was being put on at The Heritage School where he worked. He said that he was coming, his parents and possibly a couple of other people.
That crazy Craig...he ended up working, and the only others to show up were Karlos and me.
So my "date" and I watched "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat".
Lousy date....I didn't even get a good night kiss.
All joking aside...this was a fantastic production. All of the participants were between the ages of 12 and 18. Both Karl and I were very impressed with the quality of the play, the props, the acting and the overall production. The Heritage School does a fantastic job. They put on a production like this once a year, and I highly recommend you check it out. I plan to go again next year...but this time with a female date.
Speaking of dates...have you seen this movie? "My Date With Drew". It is a documentary about a guy who really, REALLY wants to go out on a date with Drew Barrymore. I won't tell you how it ends...but I recommend you check it out. long as we are on the topic of movies...I am announcing the first official Blu-Ray Movie Night! Everyone who wants to come is invited. (It helps that I don't have a couch yet...plenty of room for people to sit on the floor).
On Friday October 10th at 7:00 PM...we will be watching "Run Fat Boy Run". If you haven't seen this, I highly recommend it. It is a hilarious, yet touching movie that will move you...well, to do something.
As with all Movie Nights, you are required to dress appropriately. The theme is "Running".
If you don't know where I live in Provo...leave me a comment and I will contact you with the information.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Real Post

Hi! How are ya?
Ok, so I want to apologize for the last post. Due to the fact that I currently do not have Internet access at my apartment, it has been slightly difficult to get around to posting on my blog. However, I was looking at my sweet Helio 3G Phone that surfs the Net and thought, "Why don't I post on my blog using my phone?" Trust me...the thought was genius. The execution...not so much. Obviously I am not as cool as my cousin Matt. Maybe if I had attempted to post from a funeral instead of sitting on the toilet...
I do want to publicly thank those of you who still commented on my blank post though. Comments on my blog are pretty much the only validation I get in I greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

So in case you haven't heard...I am back in Utah!Yes...that disturbance you felt in The Force...that was me re-entering the Bubble. Can I tell you how happy and excited I am to be here? Seriously...this is one of the greatest places to live. Being this much closer to family makes it all the better.
In I was able to attend the "farewell" of my cousin Laura's son, David. (Side note: He is going to be one fantastic missionary! Look out Samoa!) Afterwards, we all gathered together at their home to enjoy a wonderful meal and each others' company. Several of us gathered around the shade of one tree and were visiting, and the comment came up that we have "too many cousins". We started joking about voting off some of the cousins so it would be easier to keep track of. We started throwing out names of people to vote off, (mostly people that weren't there to defend themselves), but every single name that was suggested, we started talking about them and telling stories that we remember about them, and inevitably vetoed the votes. Every single person we could name, we had wonderful memories and feelings for. I tell you what...I have the greatest family ever, both immediate and extended.
Speaking of immediate family...I am an uncle again! My sister Gretchen gave birth to a little girl a few days ago. I am very excited to see my new niece.
Now that I am back in Utah...I have started a new job. Can I tell you that this is THE GREATEST JOB EVER? No really. It is. My new job consists of so many varying responsibilities and areas of knowledge that I will never, ever get bored. Not only will I be traveling around the WORLD ensuring that equipment is working properly, but within that scope, I will be dealing with everything from electronic wiring to man-handling rough terrain equipment in all sorts of environments. Last week we had a lecture on wave theory and the differences between electromagnetic and mechanical waves...and in the same day we started first aid and CPR training.
We also found out that when we go to Scotland for our off-shore training, we will also be trained as fire fighters.Can you just see my Man Points skyrocketing upwards?
One of the first things that we were asked to do was to get some steel-toe boots for work, (and the company paid for them). The first day I wore them, I felt like drinking milk straight from the container, driving around and NOT asking for directions, and then spend time NOT listening when girls were speaking to me. I felt like a Real Man.
In case you were wondering, if you had carried on a conversation with me on Friday afternoon/evening, it quite possible could have gone like this:
You: "Hello Zachary!"

Me: "Well Hello (fill in name/relation here)! How are you doing?"

You: "I am doing well! Thank you for asking. So what did you do today?"

Me: "Why it's funny that you I certified as a Rough Terrain Forklift Operator."

You: "Wow Zachary! You are amazing!"

Me: "I certainly am."

Now if we could have had a similar conversation last night, it could have gone like this:

You: "Hello Zachary!"

Me: "Well Hello (fill in name/relation here)! How are you doing?"

You: "I am doing well! Thank you for asking. So what did you do today?"

Me: "Why it's funny that you I certified to have my HAM Radio license."

You: "Wow Zachary! You are quite accomplished!"

Me: "I certainly am."

Again...that is just a sample of what could have transpired between us.

So the last few days, I certified as a rough terrain forklift operator and earned my HAM Radio license (I get my call sign on Monday or Tuesday! Then I can get my license plates! Geeks will inherit the Earth!). Utah has been good to me!

So if you ever find yourself in a quandary involving a rough terrain forklift and/or a HAM know who to call.

As a final note...I have to say that I am quite impressed with the lack of interest by most parties in setting me up on blind dates. Thank you...I actually really appreciate that. There are a few offers that have come through, and I have accepted some. If anyone has any good date ideas...I am always looking for something to supplant the "Dinner and Movie" standby. So let your creativity flow!

Friday, September 19, 2008