Monday, April 26, 2010


Last Friday I found myself sitting at the office gaining valuable insight into the intricacies of software certifications and trainings, when I received a text message from my buddy Jon.

Jon had recently (as in 12 hours earlier) purchased a season golf pass at the same course that I have one.

In his text message, he stated, "This golf pass is going to interrupt my productivity"

I responded, in regards to my own situation

"All this productivity is interrupting my golf pass."

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I found myself hungry I do most days...and being the adventurous type when it comes to food, I found myself the target of two different marketing ploys by fast food giants of the industry.

For lunch, Rebekah and I took a trip down nostalgia avenue, and enjoyed the toss-back environment of skate-hops and drive ins with Sonic Drive In.

Apparently it is America's Drive In

At the hedgehog namesake restaurant, they were touting their new Ched 'R' Peppers SuperSonic Cheese Burger. This is a regular cheeseburger that has been spiced up with a Chipotle Mayo and had JALAPENO POPPERS added to the sandwich. How genius is that??

Of course I ordered it.

Then...later that day, I found myself hungry, yet again, (it happens 3 to 4 times a day...usually always after Noon). So I decided to head over to the Colonel's place
and try their new Double Down.

This is essentially a breaded and fried hunk of chicken, with a layer of melted cheddar cheese, a layer of bacon (because everything is better with bacon), and then another breaded/fried Chunk O' Chicken. No nasty vegetables to get in the way...just pure, unadulterated artery clogging bliss!

I ordered two...and a large side of mashed potatoes and gravy.

Life is good!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Guess Who Has A Girlfriend

I know I deserve a severe rebuking for my lackadaisical lethargy in blogging as of late...but I have a really good excuse. I have a girlfriend. No really...she is a living, breathing human being who is pretty darn fantastic.

And yes...she does know about it.

Back in February, I invited this girl out to lunch. We had met through an online dating site and, up to this point, had exchanged several e-mails getting to know a little bit about each other. I learned a long time ago that when meeting someone online, it is absolutely critical that you meet face-to-face as quickly as is comfortably possible if you want any sort of success in the relationship. If you prolong the meeting, both parties start to fill in mental gaps that may be in their image of the other person, and those "fillings" aren't always accurate, setting stage for a disappointment when reality brings them finally together.

That wasn't the case this time though. When she walked out of the building she worked in, and I saw her for the first time, my first thought was, "Wow...she is even better looking in person than her picture shows her to be." And her picture showed a very good looking girl.

Her name is Rebekah...with a K. She has two little girls, and they live in Lehi. She does accounting for a local software development firm, and she really like Oreo cookies.

I want you to imagine the nicest person you have ever met. That person that every time you see them, they sincerely want to know how you are doing...what you have been up to...and if there is anything that they can do for you. And you can honestly tell that this person is completely and unabashedly genuine in wanting to know.

Now take that and add a cup of sugar, and you have Rebekah.

Ok, I have waxed a bit cheesy here...but she really is an amazing girl, and things are going very well.

Though, there is one slight downside to all of this: I have been working on a book for the last several years, basically chronicling the exploits of being a "Menace to Society" as a single, jet-setting young man of marriageable age, who is sincerely struggling to erase his bane on the community well-being. However, being in a healthy relationship, all the passion, and vehement fury of bitterness that was fueling my writing, seems to have dissipated like a stain of breath on the window of life.

So my writing has plummeted....but she is a pretty good kisser, so it is worth it.

Other aspects of my life seem to be teeming in utter melancholy.
I beat Super Mario Bros. Wii, and have collected all but 3 of the Star Coins on all 9 levels.

My golf game is improving slightly.

I found a new author by the name of Vince Flynn, whose work I am thoroughly enjoying.

And most of all, I am enjoying the fact that at pretty much any given moment, I can be sitting at an In-N-Out Burger within 10 minutes or less.

Life is good.