Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Called SWINE Flu

I find myself sitting over here in Scotland, watching the rain beat down on the window of the apartment, and watching "Mars Attacks" on TV. There really isn't much to choose from on TV tonight.

I was reading the news earlier, about everything going on in America, (my condolences to all of you for the media frenzy I am sure is still centering around the Balloon Boy), and realized that something is really bothering me about the news: The "H1N1" Virus.

From what I have read, people, specifically The Media, stopped referring to it as "Swine" Flu because it was apparently offensive to certain cultures. Swine isn't considered Kosher.

Well guess what! Neither is a disease that kills people.

I guess it really irked my ire because everyone ELSE in the world refers to it as the Swine Flu. Airports back and forth on these continents have huge signs talking about washing hands so you don't get or pass the Swine Flu. Government issued pamphlets call it Swine Flu. The news agencies talk about the Swine Flu. Everyday people call it Swine Flu.

No one ever refers to it as H1N1, and when I asked a local about it, he thought it was the stupidest thing he had ever heard.

Way to go Media...make us look stupid again. Thanks.