Friday, May 28, 2010

Full Moon Rising

A few days ago, I walked down from the drill floor to our "Sky Box" shack which houses our computers and equipment. I paused on the walkway and looked east. Cracking through the night's storm clouds, the sun was chasing its way through the Caribbean dispersion. As its light paved its way across that deep, Ocean blue water, to the base of our rig, I questioned how it was that I am so blessed to witness some of the most beautiful sights possible.

Last night I found myself standing over 200 feet above the water. A warm rain was crashing down around and over me. The night air was humid and hot. For the last hour, I had been outside against the elements, working feverishly to complete each task as its turn came up. Men all around were busy scattering themselves to and fro in order to bring any sense of semblance to the chaos that is oil drilling.

As I stood there, sweat running down my face, muscles tired and body screaming for rest, a calm understanding settled over me as I realized that this moment...was what I got paid for.

Tonight I found myself standing on that same spot. There was no rain. There were only a few clouds. There was the ocean. But most of all, unmistakable against everything surrounding it, there was the moon, at its fullest state.

One bright orb against the pitch black night. Shadows of water and waves tickling the reflection from above. The moon demanded center stage this night...and it found it.

This truly is a beautiful world that we have been given.

A friend of mine, Ashli, has recently taken it upon herself to start blogging. I highly recommend that you check her blog out by clicking here. Her excitement and passion for it has re-ignited my love for writing about my life. I don't know how many people read this anymore...but I hope to share with you more and more often.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Before "Nott Block"

Many of my voracious readers are already familiar with this link:

Nott Block Videos

That YouTube channel is a direct line to Funniness. My genius cousins put together these short videos that are hilarious. I might recommend this one to start with:

(Did you see me? Did you see me?)

Anyway, thanks to my youngest brother, I found out that entertaining videos in our family date back even further.

Before Nott Block, there was Gabe & Elliot:


You say "Tornado", I say, "Tornato".