Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who is that? friend Danny

This is going to be really short...but I am on the road again for the second half of my trip. Today we drove up to Arcadia in North LA. Along the way, we stopped at a place called "Philippe's". "Why did we stop there" you ask? Because this is the place that invented the original French Dip Sandwich. Ask yourself, "Self, How often do I really get the chance to go to an eating establishment that actually created a food item that is now mainstream?"
I submit to you that it doesn't happen very often. However, today, we were able to eat at the first restaurant to ever serve a French Dip Sandwich. The story goes that as a waiter was preparing a sandwich for a police officer, he dropped it into a pot of beef broth while carrying it over. The police officer was so hungry at the time, that he asked for the sandwich anyway. The next day he returned with several of his buddies, all asking for the "dipped" sandwich...and that is how a legend began. No one knows for sure if the sandwich derived its name from the French ancestry of the waiter, the fact that the sandwich was on a French roll, or the fact that the officer's last name was "French". No matter what the true story...the sandwich was AWESOME! They also had their own homemade hot mustard that was delicious! I highly recommend it. Here is the website: Click Here.
As a final note...besides the fact that we are driving in a huge cargo van chock full of product, we had a training meeting tonight with a very special guest. I call him Danny.


Monica said...

He looks like Lethal Weapon's Granddad.

rsheedy said...

That sandwich is making my belly growl. And Monica's comment cracked me up. It's so true!

Nathan and Esther said...

lol, is that really Danny Glover? he looks old! and completely different. That's way neat about the sandwhich...I always thought it originated in France...go figure.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Zach!
BTW, We believed your story about Mr. Danny, but the picture is nice.

The Wright's said...

Danny has his arm around you? wow. That's something to show the grandkids. Of course, you might have to go to the library to rent a VHS to explain who he the time you explain VHS they will have lost interest! :-) I'm just jealous. I can't think of the last time a celebrity had his arm around ME!