Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life In Shamrock

I imagine that living in a small town on the famous Route 66 does have it's advantages. In fact, I set out to discover some of them this week when we had a very brief amount of down time.

As has already been mentioned, Shamrock, TX is located on the famous Route 66.

One of it's buildings:

was the inspiration for a very popular hang out place for the characters in this movie.

If you ever have the opportunity to pass through here, I highly recommend that you stop in and visit Big Vern's Steakhouse. It is located right on Route 66, and there are billboards for it everywhere. This is easily the best tasting steak in the area.

If you are lucky, you might get to see Vern himself.

(He is a VERY nice guy, but you have to listen to him carefully as he has a very quiet voice and tends to mumble his words.)

Not only is Shamrock famous for it's movie building is also the home of the largest water tower (of this type), in the entire state of Texas.

(It is quite large and can be seen from a long distance.)

But probably one of the best parts of Shamrock is that if you stay in a hotel, for even one night, you get a free round of 18 holes of golf at their local country club. (It's actually a 9-hole course that you get to go round twice).

(Yes...that's me with a pink putter...)

So the next time you decide you need a long road trip...consider Route 66 and the small town of Shamrock, TX.

Tell them Zach sent you! They won't have a clue who you are talking about.


whitney said...

Ahhh...gotta love that small town feel.

Speaking of Route 66 and what-not (sorry, random tangent) if you're ever in the OKC area (arcadia, which is just outside OKC, to be exact) for a bit, you should totally visit Pops. It's an old-school gas station/restaurant on old Route 66 w/every soda pop imaginable. Plus, it has a light-up oversized pop bottle as it's icon. Super, super fun.

Craig Lifferth said...

I'm loving that fedora! Where did you get it?

The Wright's said...

18 holes?? Funny. And even more funnier that they won't know who sent them! Great post.