Friday, March 28, 2008


With a title like that I bet you were thinking that this was going to be a deep introspective dissertation on some complex socio-interaction and its affect on the youth of today.'s not. My cousin Jamie actually inspired this one with a picture of her son. It reminded me of a picture I found that I have been threatening to post for a while now. it is!

(Notice the ear on the left side of the picture?)

This is what happens when two bald guys put there heads together with a pair of pants.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Things I Have Learned...

Things I have learned on my recent trip to Utah, in no particular order:
- I can stuff an entire Hostess SnoBall in my mouth
- Sometimes a friend just needs a hug
- Fudge brownies also help
- Sometimes it is best to TRY the flavor of the day before ordering it
- A cherry tomato when properly forked, can squirt a very long distance and cover a large area of a shirt
- My sister's taxes were easy to do
- My friend's taxes were not
- Chocolate + Caramel = Happy Girl
- "Enchanted" is a funny movie
- Technology can be impressive
- Bryce Canyon was named after Ebenezer Bryce
- When asked about the canyon, Ebenezer's only comment was, "It's a hell of a place to lose a cow."
- Even after 11 years...Ruby's Inn is still one of the greatest places to visit
- Monica L. is my Guitar Hero
- I can still hike 6 miles through the desert and still want to do more
- Even General Authorities have a special reverence for the office of Patriarch
- It takes a very special man to be called as a Patriarch
- My Uncle Bob is a very special man
- My Nephew Jake is easily thrown around a pool
- He will keep coming back for more
- He is an awesome kid
- My Niece Gabby is no longer a baby girl...or even a toddler.
- She can read very well
- My Nephew Alex can reconnect vital parts of a computer, mess things around in the system, and then pull the parts back out so it appears he was never there
- He is 2
- Even though he won't admit it, my Uncle Karl would prefer to be with his family in Southern Utah than "working" in Hawaii
- Hot Tub Suction units certainly do suck
- "Hickeys" left over from hot tub suction units, don't go away quickly
- My Aunt, for one brief moment, actually thought I had gotten a large tattoo on my back
- I probably won't let her forget that
- Even Boy Scout Silver Beaver Award winners sometimes forget to "Be Prepared"
- My Uncle David is the quietest sleeper I have ever roomed with
- He also goes to bed really early
- My cousin Whitney doesn't like it when I win at cards
- I win at cards a lot...even games I have never played before
- In the game, "President/Scum", I prefer to be President
- The California Highway Patrol is hiring
- No, I didn't get a speeding ticket
- No, I didn't get pulled over
- Having a movie play in your car can be distracting...unless it is a boring movie
- Veggie Tales movies aren't boring
- My Cousin Jamie makes some REALLY delicious cupcakes
- The Easter Bunny found me in Southern Utah and was VERY generous
- Henrieville is still one of my most favorite places on Earth
- Calf Creek Falls is worth the hike
- Cinnamon Granola bars taste better than Peanut Butter ones
- Spanish is a useful language to know
- Russian isn't very useful
- You can run into Russians from Moscow at a gas station in Baker, CA.
- Volkswagen recommends that all cars year 98 and newer should be using synthetic oil
- Synthetic oil is expensive
- My parents are wonderful
- So is the rest of my family
- My sister is dating a pretty cool guy
- My Cousin Esther still looks too young to be a college Grad, a wife and a mother
- My Cousin Ruth needs a 10-Key
- My Aunt Sandy dresses very hip
- My Aunt Marilyn puts her grandchildren's sun protection above her own
- My Brother-in-Law Erik still amazes me with his knowledge and selection of music
- The common denominator of all my failed relationships is me
- Communication is vital
- So is Honesty
- There are some amazing young women in this world
- No matter how many times I read it, the Book of Mormon still has something to offer
- Wal-Mart brand socks make your feet stink
- So does hiking 6 miles
- Water baseball and basketball are fun
- Speedo Home Runs are hilarious
- My Aunt Carol is a Saint
- So are all my aunts
- When it comes to Girl Scout Cookies, there is one very distinct favorite
- Peanut Butter Sandwich is not that favorite
- Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Chocolate isn't very good
- Jackson Hole Huckleberry Soda is
- Sometimes waiters forget your drinks
- But they still make a killer salsa
- There are two sides to EVERY story
- My Grandpa was an interesting character
- My Grandma has earned a Sainthood and a Fast Pass to the Celestial Kingdom
- A little progress in the right direction is a good thing
- Egg Salad Sandwiches from gas stations shouldn't use sweet pickles
- Most girls like chocolate...unless it is used to remind them of their age...even when they are younger than you
- Some people automatically revert to being mean and sarcastic when they see you for the first time in several years
- They are still happy to see you though
- Habanero Hot Sauce is stinking hot
- Even though they are old enough to vote, my roommates still struggle with aim and toilets
- Most people younger than me can play video games better than me
- Over 18 Easter Egg Hunts are fun
- It's important to watch where you step when running on asphalt
- The Church is still true...even in small towns
- I really do have the greatest family (immediate and extended) that anyone could ever hope for
- This includes everyone who married into the family too.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm Here

Where are you?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jean Valjean Said It Best...

One day more...

Monday, March 10, 2008

'C' Is For Cookie

Those lousy Girls Scouts have struck again! They're everywhere!
So I am stopping by the bank the other day, I am in a t-shirt, basketball shorts and flip-flops. I haven't shaved in 3 days, and what little hair I have is sticking up in all directions because, besides needing a shower, I also needed a haircut. But did any of that sway the Brownies from attacking? Heaven's no! They surrounded me from all sides and in one coordinated effort, they all sing-songed, "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?"
I did what any flummoxed person would have done, having been badgered by the short-stack salespeople...I asked how much a box was. When I was told that I could secure a box of any one of 5 different addictive recipes for the mere cost of $4 a box, I promised them I would get some cash from said bank I was about to pay a sojourn. A cheerier crowd of pip-squeaks, I doubt you could find.So I went into the bank, and as promised, came back out with cash. Being the sucker that I am for these cookies, I ended up buying 10 boxes.
Oh well...many friends come out of the woodwork when they learn that you have a stash of these tasty treats. Next year though, I am going to take a page out of this guy's book: