Thursday, February 15, 2007

Max Powers Update-
I have had many of you asking to know how my new nephew Max is doing. First of all, thank you very much for your concerns and prayers. I have no doubt that they are being answered. Max is doing awesome.
As I previously noted, he was born at 3 pounds and 3 ounces. The latest update is that he is now 4 pounds 1 ounce. (I just realized that I ate the same weight in burritos over the last two days...Go Del Taco!)

On a personal note...for those who might not have heard...I can no longer stay up late during the week. I have been asked to teach Seminary every morning at 6 AM to the Sophomores in our stake. For those of my friends who are not Mormon, Seminary is a weekday class that high school students take to study the scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have to say that on the one hand I am very excited about this new opportunity, and on the other hand, I am scared spit-less.

Funny...I always thought you had to be married to teach Seminary. I asked the Stake President twice if he knew that I was single. He said that it was ok, they just won't be calling me as a bishop any time soon. I didn't think that was very funny. honor of the Simpsons and Max:

Sunday, February 04, 2007

When I woke up Monday morning last week, I had no idea the emotional roller coaster that I was about to be subjected to. Running the full gambit of fear of loss and sadness beyond words to utter joy and excitement, the last week has held for me more contrary emotional stances in juxtaposition to each other than I had ever thought possible in so short a time.
My mother called me to tell me that my older sister had been rushed to the emergency room for what we later found was preeclampsia. She was expecting her first child, and I know that she and her husband had been excited about this new addition to their family for a very long time.
The first thoughts that barreled their way into the forefront of my thoughts was an episode of "House MD" in which they discussed preeclampsia and its dangers to both mother and infant. Knowing that if it had been even a minor plot point of a major television show, it had to be something serious, I committed myself to finding out the truth about this condition. I soon learned through the truth about this condition and that it was a very serious issue...not something to be trifled with nonchalantly. It was at this point that I was hit with the burdening realization that I could lose my sister. A more sobering thought, I can't imagine.
The second report from Utah was that she was in the hospital and that within the week, my nephew would be born. Knowing this, I felt I should stay down here in the OC and just wait for further details.
Not long after that, I got another call saying that the specialist had determined that the baby was going to be extracted now. My sister's blood pressure was critically high and they needed to C-Section the baby as soon as possible.
It was at this point that I spoke with my boss and within the hour was on the road to Utah. Leaving California in my wake, I pushed my car to its limits as I swept across the desert, through Nevada and up the Beehive state to be with my family.
I pulled into Utah county at Midnight, and picking up my youngest sister, we went straight to the hospital. Both my brother-in-law and my older sister were awake, and it was then that I learned that both mother and child were ok. There was still a long road to recovery and growth, but they were both headed in the right direction. A few minutes later, as I stood in the NICU wing of the hospital, and held my hand against the rising and falling chest of my 3 pound 3 ounce nephew, unconditional love wiped away all the fear and sorrow that during my 10 hour drive had set up residency in my mind. I saw before me the miracle of life, and my heart went out to the little guy as I watched him fighting to take on this new world into which he had been pulled.
Later that morning, as I climbed into bed at my parents' house, I contemplated the fact that just a short day earlier I had awoke in Orange County with nothing on my mind but the work day ahead of me.
The next few days were filled with family support, well-wishes of friends and associates, and one more road trip to the Idaho border and back. It was three days of memory building and relationship strengthening that will never be taken from me. It was a difficult drive back to my "home" in California, but I knew the time had come. Both mother and child were doing very well, and a positive prognosis had been given.
I just want to take this moment with you right now to let you know that I know our Heavenly Father was watching over my sister and nephew. He was with all of us as we faced this challenge. I thank Him every day for His blessing of me and my family...and that I still have my sister and a new nephew.
Just remember one thing...when you wake up tomorrow can not imagine what that day may hold for you.